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Leadership Academy
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Course Objectives

Identify strengths and weaknesses, while listening to your inner voice.  
Identify positive and negative relationships and how you might improve those relationships.
Learn key leadership terms, determine my core values, find my challenges while identifying resources, 
Assess your vulnerability and courage levels.
Explore empathy, biases and stereotypes. 
Work on relationship challenges, learn to communicate information in verbal, written, and physical formats.
Practice listening, conflict resolution strategies
Learn the value of practicing gratitude, mediation, and reflection. 
Learn about your identity.
Explore how words hurt, and help guide others to become more inclusive in the things they say.  
Practice apologizing and forgiving.
Evaluate your integrity. 
Learn what it really means to be an ally.
Develop your image of the leader you want to be in your life. 

Here’s what you will get with this course:

Leadership training

  • 10 weeks of training
  • Understand the basics of leadership
  • Learn about leadership theories & styles
  • Start understanding the fundamentals of effective leadership

About the instructor

Lorraine Connell, MEd, MS, is the Owner of Peers not Fears, LLC, and a veteran educator of over 20 years.  

As an educational consultant, she has developed curriculum for teens, educators, millennials and grandparents on leadership and empathy.  

Her curriculum and activities are available for purchasing and download from her website, she is now giving online workshops, providing consulting to educators and students everywhere through her company Peers not Fears, LLC.  

In 2021, Lorraine left her full time chemistry teaching job to work with interested schools, families, and communities to develop more equitable access and empowerment of students.

Who should enroll in the course:

Parents who want to help their children learn how to become better leaders.

    Teachers who want to help support their students.      

Friends who want to learn how to become better companions.

Everyone who wants to grow and be a better community member.

Anyone who wants to support their team.

Schools and groups within schools

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